Mehitable and her Children: Young Mehitable, James, Thomas, and Larkin

A colonial Maryland Ordinary or public house

Mehitable Pierpoint and her family owned one of the other ordinaries. Because so many people were coming and going, the colony licensed several public houses. These businesses provided food, drink, and overnight lodging for travelers. Ordinaries also sheltered the horses used by most travelers.

Annapolis was made the capital of Maryland in 1694. This benefitted the people of London Town, and especially for the ordinaries. Although Annapolis was close, it was still several hours' journey away. London Town was a popular rest stop for weary travelers headed north or south and to Annapolis on government business.

As the owner of an ordinary, Mehitable provided several other services as well. She sold hops, ground malt, and brewed beer. In addition, she offered bakery services and gave medicinal aid to community members in need. Her family did not have much money, but Mehitable was likely well respected for these services.

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