To make Umble Pye*
From Mr. Thomas Fletcher of Norwich

Take the Umbles of a Dear and boil them tenderly, and when they are cold, chop them as small as Meat for minc’d Pyes, and shred to them as much Beef-Suet, six large Apples, half a Pound of Sugar, a Pounds of Currants, a little Salt, and as much Clove, Nutmeg and Pepper powder’d as you see convenient; then mix them well together, and when they are put into the Paste, pour in half a Pint of Sack, the Juice of two Lemons and an Orange; and when this is done, close the Pye, and when it is baked, Serve it hot to the Table.

From Richard Bradley, The Country Housewife and Lady's Director, 1732

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