To make a Turtle, or Tortoise-Pye
From the Same

Cut the Flesh of Turtle, or Tortoise, into slices, about an Inch thick; then take Cloves beaten fine, with some Pepper and Salt, and a little sweet Herbs, and season you Pieces with them; then lay them in your Crust, with some Lemons sliced, and a quarter of a Pint of Oil-Olive pour’d over them, or else some Butter laid in bits upon them. In the cutting your Pieces, distribut your Gat and Lean, equally as may be; and though the Fat is of a greenish colour, it is yet very delicious: then close your Pye, and just before you put it in the Oven, pour in some White Wine, and bake it in a gentle Oven till it is tender. Then serve it hot.

From Richard Bradley, The Country Housewife and Lady's Director, 1732

A Mock Turtle

Take a calf’s head with the skin on, scald off the hair, and boil it with the skin on; then cut it from the bones in thin slices. Stew a knuckle of veal, with a bundle of sweet herbs, an onion or two, a piece of rind of lemon, some Cayan pepper, and salt. When it is a strong gravy, and all the goodness boiled out of the veal, strain it; add to it the brains, with some oyster or anchovy liquor, a quart of Madeira wine, the juice of three or four lemons, a little Cayan pepper; put in the sliced head, stew it till tender. It will take above an hour: then add ten or a dozen egg balls, some force-meat balls, truffles, and morels. The breast of a fowl, and a cow heel may be added, if agreeable. Send it to table in a soup dish, or if you have the back-shell of a turtle, line it with paste of flour and water, set it into the oven to harden, before you put in the ingredients. When they are in, set it into an oven to brown the top.

From E. Taylor, The Lady's, Housewife's, and Cookmaid’s Assistant, 1796

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